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Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

Are you looking for a wedding officiant? Do you want a great alternative to the standard church/temple wedding? Want more than a three minute impersonal ceremony performed by an unknown Justice of the Peace or County Clerk?

I am Renne Gobuty, a non-denominational ordained Wedding Officiant and a California commissioned Notary Public. I have been crafting and performing wedding ceremonies for over ten years

Celebrate Two specializes in custom ceremonies whether you are planning an elopement, first or second marriage, same sex, family included ceremony, or vow renewal ceremony. No two wedding ceremonies are the same because no two love stories are the same. I also perform non-personalized ceremonies.

I offer a heart felt "Thank you for your service" to all active or retired military members, frontline medical personnel, and first responders (with proof of service) by offering a discount on your chosen ceremony package.

I can also include many A La Carte options that you can add to your ceremony such as a love lock ceremony, sand ceremony, unity candles, rose presentation, family/friend special readings, memory box, and others. I have a list of sub-ceremonies that may spark your interest. Just ask.

I am fully Covid-19 vaccinated and follow your venue’s county Covid restrictions for you, your guests, and my continued good health.

I am a graduate of the Equality Institute LGBTQ+ Wedding Course and the ASU/Starbucks Global Academy's To Be Welcoming 10 unit course which allows me to better understand and serve the unique needs and concerns of the LGBTQ+ wedding market.

You can find Celebrate Two Wedding Officiant Service on  WeddingVenture.com,  Instagram (@cofficiant), Facebook (www.facebook.com/celebratetwo),  Google Business (https://g.page/celebrate-two-wedding-officiant), Twitter (@COfficiant), and The Officiants Directory online.

Let's start talking about your wedding ceremony expectations and visions soon. Visit my "Contact Me" page to send me your information. I will answer you promptly. Book your 2021 and beyond wedding date before someone else does!

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About Celebrate Two

Partial List of Sub-Ceremony Add-Ons

Love Lock Ceremony

If you are looking for a unique add-on ceremony to include in your wedding, the Love Lock Ceremony may be the perfect one! It is a visually beautiful way for a couple to symbolize the strength of their commitment to their marriage. There are several ways the ceremony can be done. The couple can use a pair of heart locks that they padlock together on a single chain or, the couple can use a single lock and secure it to a permanent structure. The ceremony does not end with simply securing the locks through. The key to this successful love lock ceremony is to throw away the keys so the locks can never be unlocked, opened, and released from the chain. This key tossing would make for a great photo opportunity. Traditionally, couples have tossed their keys into the water or woods where there is no hope of retrieving it. You may even bury the keys in a meaningful location, tie them to balloons or melt them in a bonfire. However, due to sentimental value and environmental concerns, many couples choose to keep their keys as a special keepsake of their wedding day. The trend is for brides to string the keys onto a plain bracelet or necklace chain, which she then wears around her wrist or neck during the ceremony. You may also want to give them to your mothers for safekeeping.

Sand Ceremony

A type of unity ceremony, the wedding sand ceremony expresses the coming together of two people or two families into one new family. It is a very simple idea that can be incredibly powerful. Typically, each person has different colored sand and takes turns pouring it into one clear vessel, forming a layered effect. Sometimes just the couple participates, and sometimes the couple's children or parents join in with their own colored sand, adding to the layers of colors, and expressing the harmony of the entire family. The advantage of the sand ceremony is that there is a lasting memento to display in your home. Sand is also a better choice for an outdoor wedding since wind is less of a concern than it is with a candle.

Love Letters and Memory Box

A Love Letter and Memory Box ceremony will serve as a lasting reminder of the commitments made to one another. Heartfelt letters, encapsulating your thoughts and feelings along with relationship mementos are locked away in a box to be revealed several years into your marriage. The letters you both write should describe the good qualities you find in one another, the reasons you fell in love, and your reasons for choosing to marry. Your completed letters are then sealed in individual envelopes and you should not see what the other has written. Both Bride and Groom choose a special occasion, such as their 5th or 10th year wedding anniversary, or to celebrate the birth of their first child, to open and reflect on the contents placed in this meaningful box. I recommend that you keep the box in a place of honor prominently displayed in your home as a constant reminder of your commitment to each other.

Candy Jar Ceremony

This is a great ceremony for a blended family with children . Each family member has an amount of their favorite candy. Each person pours their candy into a larger glass jar. I talk about the sweetness of sharing life together, the work that goes into a being a family, and how each member brings something unique, sweet, and special to the new family.

Flower Presentation to Mothers

This ceremony is especially meaningful as it is used to thank the bride and groom's moms, step-mothers, or any other special woman in their lives for their love, wisdom, and help. I can either keep two flowers with me or the bride and groom can pull them from the bridal bouquet. These special women are called forward during the wedding ceremony and handed a flower and read a special tribute written by honorer.


First off, I am completely Covid-19 vaccinated.   I have no problem showing you a copy of my CDC Vaccination Card.  For the health of myself and my family, both of  you and your families and guests, and our communities, I follow the strictest mandates in place at the time of and in the location of where your ceremony will be taking place.  This includes mandates for face coverings, guest number, physical distancing, and indoor vs. outdoor ceremonies.  I do not require the couples I marry to wear face coverings, nor do I wear one while performing the ceremony as I maintain a six foot distance from the couple.
California does not have a residency or blood test requirement for you to apply for a marriage license.

You only need to want to get married in beautiful California!
Of course, you may write your own vows!  We can work together if you desire to combine some of the language I have into your own written vows.  I also have a large selection of vows to choose from if you find that is easier for you.
Depending if your wedding will be formal, semi-formal, or casual, I generally will wear either a black dress or skirt and blouse or a navy blue dress when officiating your wedding.  Beach and backyard weddings are usually less formal and if you are ok with me wearing black or dark blue jeans and a blouse let me know.  
That is entirely up to you both.  If your wedding has attendants, it is a good idea to have one so everyone knows what is expected of them and where they should be during the service.  It also helps to know what we can fix before the ceremony and helps to coordinate cues for seamless transitions.  All wedding party members (including both sets of parents, flower girls, and ring bearers) and your wedding planner (if you are using one) should attend the rehearsal.  
I prefer to meet with every couple at least once before the ceremony.  It will be at a place and time that is mutually convenient for both of us.  If more meetings are necessary those can be arranged as needed.  That way we can have a table with chairs and Wi-Fi available.  I am always available by email or phone.  This meeting allows us to become familiar with each other and to see if we "fit together".  It also lets you tell me about your relationship and what you both see as your wedding vision.
There are many ways to make your ceremony  more personal to you and your partner.  You can do this by adding a sub-ceremony.

Sub-ceremonies available to do are:

1.  Sand Blending
2.  Rose presentation to the special women in your lives
3.  Bubble blowing recessional
4.  Family member or friend does a special reading
5.  Unity Candle (not recommended for outdoor ceremonies)
6.  Candy Jar (perfect if children are involved)
7.  Glass Bits
8.  Memory Box

You are responsible for providing the items needed for your ceremony.  If you would like me to provide the items needed, there will be an additional charge based on the ceremony above and beyond the $25 inclusion fee.

If you are interested in adding one of these or something else  please let me know and we will work it in!
I offer a free sub-ceremony ($25 value). You will need to show proof of service.  The bride or groom to be must be the service member or first responder (not Uncle Joe or Aunt Sue!).  The couple is responsible for any items needed for sub-ceremony.
Forms to request your official copy of your marriage license are available online from the County Clerk Recorders website of the county where you got your license.  There is a charge for this and it varies from county to county.

If your marriage license was issued by Ventura County, you can get the form online, fill it out -  but don't sign it.  You will need to have your signature notarized.  I am a commissioned Notary Public and can do the notarization at your ceremony at the same time we do the license signing or any time after. My fee for this service is $25 and includes mailing.  You will need to have your driver's license or valid passport available for me to view and record, and you will need to sign and have your thumbprint placed in my California Notary Journal. Those are state requirements for any type of document notarizations.

This service is optional and must be requested in advance by you.
Once I receive your contact information I will give you a call to set up an informal meeting.  If you would like to book your date with me at that time,  I will need a non-refundable retainer fee of at least $150.  This payment confirms your wedding date on my calendar.  I will also have you both sign a contract.  I will invoice you for the remainder of your package one month before your wedding.  Final payment is due no later than two weeks before your wedding date.

If you want to wait and not book me right away, I cannot guarantee your date will be available when you get back to me.

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